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You are covered wherever you go.
Total coverage of your premises can be achieved by strategic placement of base stations. Your staff can roam around your premises effortlessly, without calls being dropped.

Telephone Systems

ATC Supplies and installs a number of complete telephone systems as well as maintaining and programming of existing systems. All technicians are qualified and certified by Austel.

If you are moving we can relocate your existing system and re-install at your new location. We also install extra outlets and configure for you as well as transposing your CO (incoming lines) lines from MDF (main distribution frame) to your telephone system.

ATC also provides and installs all accessories such as M2 Voice messaging systems, headsets, call recording, call logging and conferencing equipment.

ATC are ACA licenced, accredited by Austel and also LG Aria dealers.

Ease of Use
The Aria incorporates all the latest features and with operational functionality designed from the user perspective. Features are logical, simple to use and easy to remember.

Affordable Technology
So whether it’s simple features such as one-touch transfer or paging, or more advanced features such as call centre operation or computer telephony integration (CTI), the Aria delivers – at an affordable price. Furthermore, software for features such as least cost routing (LCR), ACD, DECT wireless mobility or interactive voice response (IVR) – to name just a few - are incorporated into the standard main processor software.

One Platform
Seldom do you find a true family of telephone systems, which use common plug-in modules throughout the entire range, network seamlessly and use the same handsets. The LG Aria 130c, 130, 300 & 600 IP enabled telephone systems are not only the perfect solution for multi-site organisations but also the ideal choice for organisations requiring capacity for growth without the huge price tag of a complete system change out.

The Aria systems are based on universal port architecture. By simply adding plug-in modules they will expand to accommodate new features or capacity as your business needs dictate. So if you are considering incorporating a VoIP solution into your business in the future you can simply purchase the VoIP modules when you are ready.


Not only does the Aria provide you with a solution to your communication needs today, inherent in its design is the ability to migrate to new technologies as they are introduced.

Upgrade and keep your handsets
And if you outgrow your Aria our future-friendly philosophy allows you to upgrade to a larger LG Aria telephone system whilst retaining your current LG Aria handsets. The Aria supports 4 generations of digital handsets, the earliest being released in 1995 and 2 generations of IP handsets.

VoIP ready
The convergence of voice and data on to one network has created many new and exciting products and features. Aria’s solution to IP telephony is the initial step for your business to start benefiting from VoIP. The Aria can operate as a traditional standalone PBX and seamlessly deploy VoIP services as you require them. These include IP handsets for home offices, remote office solutions with a Remote Service Gateway and soft phones on laptops that can operate in wireless Hot Spots for business travelers.

Move to VoIP at your own pace
The option of adding VoIP services as you need them has a practical and cost saving advantage, the gradual upgrade of your data network. In most cases businesses can start benefiting from VoIP without having to upgrade their entire data network to support the extra traffic and voice Quality of Service (QOS) required for VoIP.

Multi-site organisations
For multi-site organisations the Aria’s will seamlessly network together providing the transparency of one large system at a fraction of the cost of large traditional PABXs. IT managers will be managing one platform for all voice communication equipment and with the Aria PC programming software they can remotely make necessary changes to systems.

Maintenance and Diagnostics
Remote system diagnostics, program changes or even software upgrades can be performed quickly and reliably – no matter where your system is located by utilizing modem or secure LAN access. While on-site maintenance can be performed easily and efficiently via the LAN or the systems serial interface.

Customer Administration Terminal (CAT)
Aria CAT software provides you with the tools to manage your own phone system. It provides multi-level customized access to the system programming so your receptionist can be given access to adjust daylight savings time, programming speed numbers and flexible buttons while your IT manager may be given access to higher functionality to perform moves, adds and changes to save on technician call outs.

Computer Telephone Integration (CTI)
CTI applications integrated to the Aria can start from basic screen popping for incoming calls and easy click and dial from databases such as Outlook to total call centre solutions. The Aria’s open architecture allows it to become part of a powerful management and marketing tool which can integrate phone control, emails, MIS functionality, agent management, database management, real-time reporting and operational reports. LG Aria’s philosophy is simple – offer easy to use, reliable systems that are feature-rich and future-friendly, grow as your business grows and provide a total, cost-effective solution to your communication needs.

Maximum Capacity 130c 130 300 600
Digital/Extensions 48 96 288 396
Analogue Extensions 48 96 288 576
Extensions including DECT 88 128 300 600
S0 Bus Extensions 40 40 152 152
Primary Rate ISDN 40 40 150 180
Basic Rate ISDN 40 40 152 152
PSTN 40 40 104 384
Ports 128 132 300 600
VoIP Extensions 64 64 96 96
VoIP Trunks 40 40 200 200
VMIB Ports 16 16 24 24
Music Source Input 8 8 8 8
Paging Zone Ext 3 3 3 3
Paging Zone Int 15 15 35 35
RS 232C Ports 2 2 4 4
System Speed Dials (24 digit) 1500 1500 3000 5000
Station Speed Dials (24 digit) 100 100 100 100
Hunt / ACD Groups 15 15 48 48
BHCA 23,000 23,000 20,000 20,300

7004 Display
>   2 Programmable Buttons >   5 Fixed Buttons >   On hook dialing >   Single line LCD Display >   Available in limestone or charcoal

7008 Display
>   8 Programmable keys >   5 Feature keys >   Hands-free operation >   2 Lines LCD Display >   Available in limestone or charcoal

7016 Display
>   16 Programmable keys >   11 Feature keys >   3 active feature buttons >   Navigation Key >   3 Line/24 character LCD >   Adjustable Display >   Headset Jack >   Optional Melody Module >   Optional Full Duplex Module >   Pedestal option >   Multi-colour line keys >   Available in limestone or charcoal

7024 Display
>   24 Programmable keys >   11 Feature keys >   3 active feature buttons >   Navigation Key >   3 Line/24 character LCD >   Adjustable Display >   Headset Jack >   Optional Melody Module >   Optional Full Duplex Module >   Optional USB Module >   Optional Bluetooth Module >   Pedestal option >   Multi-colour line keys >   Available in limestone or charcoal

7024 Display
>   24 Programmable keys >   11 Feature keys >   3 active feature buttons >   Navigation Key >   9 Line/24 character LCD >   Adjustable Display >   Headset Jack >   Optional Melody Module >   Optional Full Duplex Module >   Optional USB Module >   Optional Bluetooth Module >   Pedestal option >   Multi-colour line keys >   Available in limestone or charcoal