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ATC Telecoms Pty Ltd is pleased to announce a Partner level agreement with AAPT.

AAPT are providing the most competitive call rates available among all service providers today.
IProvide office combines telephony, data, internet and VoIP into one value packed service.

Our customers who have switched billing recently are reducing their bills by more than 40% and this is without signing any lock in contract.

Just compare these rates with what you are currently paying:

All prices are exclusive of GST. Direct Connected services on 24 month agreement qualify for additional 5% discount on the above rates. Direct connect ISDN monthly line rental is charged at: ISDN 10=$220, 20=$450, 30=$540.

IProvide Office

IProvide office replaces Telstra lines with a ULL line which then carries Voice & data. Calls over the VPN (virtual private network) are free of all charges.

Price Comparison

Basic PSTN feature-set

IProvide Office voice services are bundled with business telephony features common with standard analogue business lines. The voice services can provide the following features:

i. Line hunt
ii. CLI
iii. CLI blocking
iv. Call Forwarding Always
v. Call Forwarding Busy
vi. Call Forwarding No Answer
vii. Call Hold
viii. Call Transfer
ix. Call Waiting
x. Three-Way Calling

Call or email atctelecoms now to find out if your company can take advantage of this fantastic offer. You will need to quote your existing telephone numbers to enable a qualification report to be sent to you via email.